Noele Charles is an artist at heart. Before she found her niche in the makeup industry, Noele had a natural appreciation for artistic expression--paintings, photographs, dance, music. She found comfort in creativity and armed herself with the belief that art is the most important, unique, and personal form of expression. Thus, Noele combatted the world she felt misunderstood her with visual art. But after joining a makeup team for a small fashion show at her university, Johnson and Wales, it was quickly clear that makeup artistry was her real weapon of choice. "The moment I beat my first face, I knew," she says. 


Makeup became the outlet she'd so desperately been looking for, it allowed her ever-present, rebellious flag to wave free, "it's fun. There's no rules, and I love that," she says.  She relished makeup's creative flexibility, its speed and its ability to transform. "Makeup can both express personal emotions and entirely different personas," she says "it's so easy to become anyone or anything." 


Since her first local fashion show in 2011, Noele has been unstoppable, going on to hold positions at Yves Saint Laurent, where she works as a Senior Makeup Artist and at Lancôme, where she works as a Makeup Artist and Brand Educator. But her real passion is her personal line, NoeleNoele Makeup, a collection of Lipsticks. The collection is Noele's effervescent personality, creativity and unique aesthetic manifested. She's crafted colors in daring and sexy shades with unique personas to match,  with the hopes of encouraging women to step outside of themselves, take a risk and transform.